“Sustainability” is a beautiful word with a variety of associations.
For us the most powerful association is: behavior.

Sustainable behavior is responsible behavior towards the planet and the beings that inhabit it.

If we wanted to give a form to this good behavior, what form would it take?

Places, people, animals and cities are the protagonists of this editorial project. Portraits made by artists and photographers, stories told by writers, journalists and even poets. Small stories of great characters told through images that become words and words that become images, in search of an aesthetic that unites them.

IRÆ stands for Ira Editions.
But the reference to "Dies Irae", the biblical day of judgment, is clear. Judgment day indicates that Nature has begun its countdown for us.

But there is also a subtext: this is not the end.
The door of hope is open.

The idea is to use beauty as a key to open the doors of indifference.

Create an editorial product halfway between a magazine and an art book and which deals with the themes of sustainability and the environment using photography, art and fashion. A paper product with a high aesthetic profile and carefully selected collaborators.

Can sustainability have an inviting aesthetic, or will it just be a reminder of the rules of behavior and materials to use?

Our idea is to put together a series of highly attractive themes and build an ecological awareness, enriching it with aesthetic and artistic contents capable of increasing interest and sharing a hundredfold.

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