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This issue is inspired by the Abysses.
From the sea depths to the underground ones we pass through those of the human soul, always through multiple forms of art and experimentation. The result is a number that probes and reads in depth, then re-emerging towards the light.

Publisher: NFC Edizioni  /  Publication: March 2023  /  Language: English - Italian  /  Size: 28x23.5 cm  /  Pages: 210  /  Print run: 500 copies


aEditor In chief & creative director
Angelo Cricchi

Photo editor
Valeria Ribaldi

Copy editor
Lucia La Gatta


Digital contents production
Jordi A. Bello Tabbi

Claudia Trombettoni

Graphic design

Valeria Semenzato / Wood Garage Studio



Tamara Dean_Rossano Baldini

Fires, heat, and coral bleaching: climate change is undeniable, and is causing extreme natural events. A threat to biodiversity and humanity, itself. However, there is hope and it comes from renewable energy.

Terre immerse

Francesco Ferrarese_Lucia La Gatta_ Silvio Mignano

In a dystopian future, the Anthropocene witnesses the transformation of the Earth by mankind. Sea level rise, land loss, and devastating climate impacts. The planet proposes knowledge, awareness and action as keys to the destiny of human life ...


Angelo Cricchi_Maurita Cardone_Alessia Zecchini

Alessia Zecchini, free diver and world record holder, shares her deep connection with the ocean becoming the deepest woman in the world. Her call to protect marine life, urging everyone to address environmental issues ...

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Immerso, respiro, tutto

Federica Di Carlo_Sandro Carniel

A reflection on Nietzsche and the abyss as a metaphor for the unknown, as well as a challenge to reconnect with the marine environment, revealing its power and importance in steadying the climate. The abyss calls for a new humility, and awareness of our fragility in the face of nature ...


Claudio Palmisano_Valeria Ribaldi _ Enrico Salierno

Objectives, negative impacts, and net disposal processes: the experience of partaking in the Ghostnet mission headed by Seasheperd and its volunteers in Syracuse recovering abandoned fishing nets, harmful to marine life ...


Michele Giangrande_ Marcella Russo

"ABYSS", third act of the Tetralogy of the Elements by Michele Giangrande. A performance and a docu-film analysing the theme of water, narrating human dramas and contemporary contradictions, with particular attention to the condition of migrants ...

Relitti tossici

Willy Vecchiato_Ezio Amato

The hypothetical conversation between two criminals considering the idea of dumping waste into the sea to make a profit. The deep ocean, scenario of dark practices, hides disturbing secrets and surprising creatures, while its pollution defies us with technical and moral challenges ...

Journey to the centre of the earth 

Eduard Riou

A feeling of emptiness and vertigo, divine darkness, the sea that transforms and enriches. It is the abyss that constantly fascinates and transports us towards freedom ...

Black waters

Wu Yung Sen_Patrizia Boglione

Exploring the depths of the sea instead of space to find life and solutions. The proposal suggested by a meditation on the importance of the oceanic ecosystem for life on Earth ...


Angelo Cricchi_Lucia La gatta_Michele Concas

The belly of Rome reveals an extraordinary underground heritage, with kilometres of tunnels witnessing 3,000 years of history. The «Roma Sotterranea» Association contributes to mapping and preserving these hypogea full of extraordinary wonders ...




En mi mente nunca hay silencio

Diego Moreno_ Anna Simone

Through art and analysis, we can explore and transform our inner depths. The works of Diego Moreno highlight the way religion, culture and archetypes influence our unconscious. But we can transform our inner demons into creativity and freedom ...


Agnes Questionmark



Ilaria D’Atri_Marco Cucciniello

The inner journey through suggestive images and metaphors becomes a moment of introspection and an invitation to consider the meaning of self-experience and the quest for a deeper sense of life ...

Out of the blue

Cedric Dasseson


ABISSIRÆ soundtrack
edited by Marco del Bene

The art of sinking into the abyss
IRÆ Vol 3 Soundtrack.

Preview of the album R2023 - Abissi
Original Music by Marco del Bene

Cover by Angelo Cricchi