Special Project IRÆ - This is (Not) the End


Mind the Earth is a
site-specific installation by Yourban2030's IRÆ Edition Magazine that utilizes art to explore the concept of sustainability.

The aim is to make the metro journey a moment of sharing and reflection through evocative images and sounds.

In a time where the relationship between humanity and nature is increasingly strained and ecosystems are in danger, we aim to raise awareness through artistic storytelling.

By fostering a collective reflection on climate change and sustainable development, we hope to inspire positive action for the future. 

Join us on this journey of creativity and envision a better world. 

Have a great experience!



Installation by Angelo Cricchi e Valeria Ribaldi

Valeria Semenzato

Magazine editor

Andreco, Matteo Basilè, Nicola Bertellotti, Giacomo Costa, Angelo Cricchi, Michele Guido, Agostino Iacurci, Shinya Masuda, Supinatra, Wu Yung Sen.

ABISSIRÆ soundtrack
edited by Marco del Bene

The art of sinking into the abyss
IRÆ Vol 3 Soundtrack.

Preview of the album R2023 - Abissi
Original Music by Marco del Bene

Cover by Angelo Cricchi

Do you want to contribute actively?

If you want to actively do something, these are the campaigns to join through Mind The Earth

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