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The mantra of this first issue is the Japanese character MU 無 which signifies a void, in the most authentic sense of pictorial space.

The infinite as a dimension of photography, color as an absolute. The codes governing artistic practice become essential elements to configure a new view of the world around us.

Void is the perfection tells us Rai Kawakubo and so, from the emptiness of the Po Valley told by Wu Ming - where Wu is the Chinese for Mu - most of the images of the first issue of IRÆ lead towards absence, lack, emptiness .

Publisher: NFC Edizioni  /  Publication date: March 2021  /  Language: English  /  Size: 28x23.5 cm  /  Pages: 210  /  Print run: 500 copies


Editor In chief & creative director
Angelo Cricchi

Photo editor
Valeria Ribaldi

Fashion director
Simonetta Gianfelici


Digital contents production
Jordi A. Bello Tabbi

Scott Ahearn | Jessica Polsky

Graphic design
Alessia Mastriforti


Paolo Canevari

Cristiana Perrella / Paolo Canevari

Black by artist Paolo Canevari. Black as rebellion, emptiness, power imbuing the artist's works, obtained with average materials such as rubber, ink and exhausted oil. Canevari uses art to make us feel and meditate. ...

The food The design and a new collaborative eco intelligence

Patrizia Boglione / Shinya Masuda

The pandemic has shaken the world, prompting a reflection on technology, consumption and sustainability. Thus, are emerging new perspectives on food and its environmental impact, a possible solution being offered by  ...

Tutto ciò che frana distrugge con colpa e senza colpa

Tiziana Cera Rosco / Nicola Bertellotti

A deep reflection to consider survival and transformation. Cera Rosco's verses explore concepts of discontinuity, rupture, pain, and embrace human vulnerability ...

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Isolated system

Daniela Billi / Jordi A. Bello Tabbi

The once barren Earth has become alive, but the extraterrestrial habitat requires enormous technical challenges. Earth's ecology teaches valuable lessons to explore and preserve life in the cosmos ...

The world without us

Santiago Zabala / Andreco

In an era of climate crisis, Andreco's art stimulates thoughtful reflection, using scientific data to challenge, question and raise awareness of environmental issues ...


Wu Ming 1 / Angelo Cricchi

A reflection on the impact of climate change on the coastal lands of North-Eastern Italy. A focus on the risk of flooding and the inevitable and consequent transformation of the landscape ...

The long thin white lines

Michele Freppaz / Claudio Orlandi

Climate impacts: Earth's cryosphere, its effects on climate change and the mitigation attempts, highlighting glacier recession and the economic challenges implied by the suggested solutions  ...

Human landscapes

Carola Blondelli


Fire - Chronicles from Montiferru

Dario Coletti

A post-fire visit to Sagama, in Montiferru - west coast of Sardinia - to reflect on that sense of oppression and pain perceived when confronted with a landscape wrecked by a blaze ...

Avevo una ferita in fondo al cuore

Patrizia Sardo Marras / Antonio Marras

In Montiferru, an idyllic forest is devastated by flames triggered by a hellish summer. Among traditions associated with fire and surreal visions, youngsters explore the haunted land, looking for hope and rebirth ...

Brights ligths, big city

Ezio Amato / Giacomo Costa

War marks the end of peace, as well as of states of mind and natural balances. Left-over weapons from conflicts threaten the environment, making it harsh ...

Building the future

Ketty Di Tardo / Birgit Rusten

FutureBuilt is a pilot project involving architectural quality, social sustainability, circular economy, rainwater management and biodiversity. Different shapes for zero-emission cities ...

The ark

Angelo Cricchi


The true face of mermaids

Luca Marini

Do mermaids exist and are they dwelling in territories less haunted by humans? It is a plausible assumption standing on the theories of marine biologist Alister Hardy who, in 1960, presented the theory of the «Aquatic Ape» and its human evolution ...


Marcello Pietruzzi / Simona Ghizzoni

Exploring the connection between nature, human existence and the mystery of life. Here it is the intent of Petruzzi's verses, whose poetic language addresses themes such as darkness, light, time and persuasion, portraying life as a knotty tangle ...